About EZE.business

  1.     Cash is King – treat your business or organisation to faster cash flows

  2.     Give your business Greater Flexibility - when making important decisions

  3.     Reduced & Minimised Risk – Great certainty around cash flows and especially if paying taxes are an issue


 When Do You Need EZEbusiness?   

•   If cash collection from your customers or members is unpredictable and a challenge to collect.

•   If your businesses or organisation issues, processes and wastes valuable time chasing money.

•   If your business or organisation is cash poor, this will create frustration and create a bleak future. Conversely, “Cash is King” and works wonders. 

•   If there is a need for greater flexibility when making important decisions and investments decision.

•   If chasing delinquent payers’ is draining and adding no value

•   If you are not 1 of the 9 SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) that don’t get their invoices paid on time

•   If you have to the realisation that income tax gets imposed on unpaid customer invoices, until written-off as a bad debt, plus it costs to carry that load, example

•   If you also realise that GST has to be paid to the government for unpaid invoices, if your business or organisation is registered for GST on an invoice (accrual) basis.

•   If you find your current accounting system does not provide this functionality and add value in the same way EZEorder can.

•   If you only want to pay for an application when you use it and not be locked into a monthly subscription.


What’s the Background?

•   Inspiration came from ordinary business owners desperate to find an easier way to manage and control their day to day quoting, invoicing, while reducing the paper war.

•   With approximately 100 million invoices being generated monthly throughout Australasia, there is a huge opportunity to save time and costs.


How It Works   

  1.        Register at www.eze.business

  2.        Login at  www.eze.business

  3.        Choose an individual client or group of members

  4.        Invoice from a simple invoice, a common invoice or from one already issued.

  5.        Send an invoice with payment instructions

  6.        Receive Payment via EZEorders payment gateway



EZE puts a stop to all merchant fees being imposed on the seller.  EZE.business allows the merchant to transfer all costs onto the customer or to share those costs with the customer.  EZE puts the merchant in control of the costs and how they get allocated. 

When the customer selects their preferred method of payment, this determines the add on costs which currently are as follows: 

  • Customer decides to pay using POLI – 0.50%* (1/2 of 1 Percent)  
  • Customer decides to pay using their Credit Card – 2.95%*


  • EZE Admin Fees – 1.69% 

As the merchant, 100% of the above costs can be charged either to the customer or to the merchant, or somewhere in between those two points.

With EZE.business NO Sale, NO Fee.

Customers funds are cleared (normally within 2 working days) a small transaction fee is applied as follows:

  • Invoices up to $50.00 - 50 cents per invoice
  • Invoices over $50.00 - $1.00 per invoice

                                                                               *Prices GST Exclusive


If you have any uncertainties, one-on-one trainings and personalized support is available.  An investment in this area will be repaid "in spades".

EZE.business is designed to make a positive difference to all businesses and organisations who currently have to wait for payment. Please click HERE to register now.


The EZEbusiness Team